What Is Releana

Raleana Releana is the brand name of a product that you use to help you lose weight. Its active ingredient is HCG (short for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). It is a hormone that is natural to the human body. It’s the hormone that pregnant woman produce in large amounts early in pregnancy. Essentially, it helps the expecting mother have a steady supply of energy to provide for growth of the fetus.

It is used in weight loss because it helps us develop of state of steady energy supply. So, combined with a low calorie diet, you burn fat at an even rate. This steady supply of energy helps prevent cravings and helps keep you in a good mood during the diet. As a former wrestler and bodybuilder, I can tell you that I’ve done low calorie diets without the benefit of Releana. I was always crabby and craving food. I have used Releana, and I lost 21 pounds. I did not have anything close to severe cravings, and I was in a good mood the whole time.

Part of the good mood comes from measurable progress. Most of my patients lose an average of 1 pound a day. So you see results quickly and they are sustained. You might plateau for a day or two, but your weight always keeps going down. The other part of the good mood comes from the fact that you don’t have that slowdown in metabolism you normally get with restricted calories diets, or Adkins style diets.

Unlike any of those diets, you also will not experience rebound weight gain that comes from that slowdown in metabolism. You also do not lose muscle mass. All benefits that lead to a good mood while taking Releana. It has NO STIMULANTS. You do not feel jittery, you do not feel drugged. You feel NORMAL! So Releana is, in my opinion, PERFECT for losing weight in a healthy manner that is sustainable.

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